PPP Services

We are currently expanding our workshop to include a new facilities - this revamp should be complete by Easter 2010.

Below is a range of our current services:

Injector Cleaning:

injector pics

With some G40s, 20 years of service is just round the corner- so it will come as no surprise that certain components will require attention/refurbishment.
Often overlooked, a healthy fuel system is a necessity before seeking more power.

Polo Performance Parts can now offer a full injector cleaning service & diagnostic report for all Bosch/Siemens style injectors.

Using the latest ASNU equipment, injectors are ultrasonically cleaned and have the following diagnosed:

  1. Spray Pattern
  2. Leak Test
  3. Resistance
  4. Flow rate at all duty cycles
  5. Maximum static flow rate

If repairs are required we can also replace internal filters and pintle caps where necessary. O-Rings are replaced on every set of cleaned injectors.

£35/set (4) inc. return postage.


If you're having problems with your G40- or just want to make sure it's running at its best, we offer a full set-up and diagnostics service. Checking the following:

  1. ECU Fault Codes
  2. A/F Ratio
  3. Ignition Timing
  4. Idle Speed
  5. Boost Leaks
  6. Sensor Values
  7. CO Pot Resistance

Any further work required (I.E. Wiring fault diagnosis) will be charged at our usual labour rate of £20/hr. Cam timing can be done for an additional £25 using a DTI- you will need an adjustable camshaft pulley and the specs of your cam for this!

£50/ G40

Custom Calibration:

To ensure you're getting the maximum potential from all your modifications we offer a custom calibration. A map tailored and tweaked on the road or a dyno of your choice (customer pays dyno costs) eliminates any flat spots, optimises ignition timing and ensures the A/F ratio is perfect for maximum power.

Our mapping kit includes detonation detection instrumentation, and exhaust gas temperature monitoring, along with wideband A/F tracing. To ensure that your car not only produces maximum power and torque, but does so safely with no risk of damage to the engine.

£300/ Day (G40 Calibration can be done in 1 Day)

N.B It is advised that a full set-up is undertaken on the car prior to any calibration work to ensure no time is wasted.